Serengeti National Park

The Most Famous National Park in the World, this vast park is the backdrop for the epic sweep of the wildebeest migration, the most fantastic natural spectacle on the planet. A park the size of Northern Ireland, it is still possible to leave the majority of visitors behind and discover your own private gamelands with the right safari company.

Best time to visit: Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Locations

January, February and March:
Serengeti Seronera to the northern Ngorongoro Conservation Area

April, May and June:
new offspring begin to congregate south of the Western Corridor to begin a northbound migration of over 800km. The animals crossing the Grumeti River normally occurs at the end of June, sometimes in July.

July, August and September:
The herds then disperse northwards making Lobo the best place to view the migration at this time of year.

October, November and December:
By the end of October the animals tend to gather together for the long slow trek southwards again aiming for the southern plains as the short rains begin in November.