Western Tanzania

The Shangri-la of the East African safari parks, Katavi is a place that has been visited by someone your friends know but never by anyone have you actually asked. A mythical place of vast proportions, both in land size and the reputed herds that congregate there, if ever there was a safari destination reserved only for the intrepid and die-hard safariistas then Katavi is it.

Mahale is an Earthly Eden, a divine playground of lush vegetation, virgin rainforest, high peaks, gin-clear lake waters and troops of man's closest living relative, the Chimpanzee. Nestled in a remote packet aside Lake Tanganyika, Mahale is accessible only by boat, a boat ride along forested shores of white sand and towering verdant peaks. It is the best safari approach of any park in Tanzania.

Tanzania's smallest National Park was established to protect the chimpanzees that had been studied by Jane Goodall and her team. This research has habituated some troops to human presence, allowing guests the opportunity to encounter groups of chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

Gombe Forest Camp

Lake Tanganyika is an African great Lake, Second deepest after Lake Baikal in Russia. It is also the world’s longest fresh water and very beautiful lake, hammed in by the verdant hills on either side of the Rift Valley. This attractively port was founded under German rule 6km away from Ujiji. The MV Liemba, this 800 ton steamer, the oldest ferry in the world. It was built in 1913 that still runs along the eastern of Lake Tanganyika, between the ports of Kigoma, Tanzania and Mpulungu and Zambia.

Lake Shore Lodge