Zanzibar Stone Town

Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, grew out of Zanzibar's historical trades, a metropolis built to harbour secrets in its labyrinthine alleyways. Emblems of a rich and tumultuous history survive today, depicted through Arabian Nights palaces, mournful Slave Markets, aromatic spice bazaars, ornate cathedrals and an historic fort that was the scene of the worlds' shortest war survive today.

It is difficult to resist the sheer vivacity of life in Stone Town, and although there are the first signs of a commercialism at odds with its charms, it is difficult not to feel beguiled by the town's character.
We always suggest a few days here, even if the beach options are taken on Mafia or Pemba, if only to walk around and enjoy a little freedom after the more confined requirements of the safari. With good restaurants, good hotels, a selection of historical/ cultural excursions and the joys of people-watching to indulge, Stone Town rarely disappoints.

Best time to visit:
Year-round, save for the monsoons of April, May and November. The peak seasons of August and Christmas are difficult in terms of bookings and sheer proliferation of other visitors and are best avoided.


  • Emersons & Green
  • Zanzibar Serena Inn
  • Tembo House
  • Best Western  Plus
  • Stone Town Café
  • Kholle House
  • Zanzibar Palace Hotel
  • Sea Cliff Zanzibar
  • Island Beach Resort