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The Western Highlands lace a ridge of the Rift Valley escarpment, high above Lake Tanganyika and within the game-filled enclaves that sit along its spine there exist two small perfectly-formed worlds of natural splendour, and one vast expanse of prime African bush. None of them are accessible by car.

Gombe Stream

Tanzania's smallest National Park was established to protect the chimpanzees that had been studied by Jane Goodall and her team. This research has habituated some troops to human presence, allowing guests the opportunity to encounter groups of chimpanzees in their natural habitat.
Mahale Mountains

Larger than Gombe, but far less known, Mahale is a remote pocket of paradise, a land of rainforested mountains that rise 7,500 feet above the sandy beaches of Lake Tanganyika. Amongst many other mammals, a thousand wild chimpanzees range in this rich habitat, which also provides magnificent trekking and kayaking opportunities.
Katavi National Park

Tanzania's least-visited Park, where only those hardy and determined enough to make the journey ever tread foot. Populous herds of buffalo, entire tree-climbing prides of lion, Africa's largest hippo and crocodile populations and the real possibility of having 4,471km of National Park to oneself ensure rewards are worth the endeavour.