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Pemba is the second largest island of the Spice Archipelago, named Al-khudra, "the Green Island" by the Arabic mariners in reverence of the profusion of lush fertility they encountered after their journey south along the arid coastline.

Pemba rises from the Indian Ocean on its own granite pedestal, a continental landmass in itself, topped with verdant hillscapes that tumble through clove plantations to the signatory, pristine white beaches.

The reefs and channels make for East Africa's finest diving and highly rated game fishing, whilst the Pembans themselves embody the coastal Swahili in their dignity of manner and refinement of welcome.

Fundu Lagoon
Pemba 's premier property, Fundu is a boutique beach lodge based in the south of the island. Its fourteen bungalows are an unusual mix of tent and banda with all of the added extras one would expect of a boutique lodge, set around a central public area and impressive jetty. An excellent location for diving, honeymooners and those in search of the ultimate in remote retreats.

Pemba Afloat
This is a live-aboard boat, set in a tranquil inlet of clear water of such calmness that the stars are reflected in its water at night. Pemba Afloat is as much a lifestyle choice as a property, thanks to Captain Phil's devilish charm and insistence on doing things his way, generally with a cold beer and a healthy, laissez-faire attitude.
Two sixty foot yachts located close to the best dive sites in East Africa need little more to recommend it, and whilst the necessarily cramped quarters and occasionally over-cosy proximity of a boat is difficult for some to appreciate, it is well worth a visit if you want to dive and dive well.