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The Eastern Arc Mountains are the sweeping column of ancient, crystalline hills, escarpments and mountains that file South-East from Kilimanjaro in a verdant bi-section of the arid Masai Steppe. The Eastern Arcs are cloaked in fertile rainforests, and shadowed by open plains in which very individual natural phenomena and distinctive human cultures have been allowed to ripen into a blossoming low-impact eco-tourist destination.


This small Game Reserve in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro plays a vital role in the Tsavo ecosystem, attracting much of the wildlife onto the lush carpet of perfect savannah during the Green Season. Foot safaris, mobile bush camps and important conservation projects are further reasons as to why this area represents the future of safari tourism.


This lush and temperate range of hills in Northern Tanzania now hosts blueprint community-based tourism projects, treks and active tourism in a habitat that sustains a rich and varied endemic population of plants, birds and insects.
Udzungwa National Park: Tanzania's newest National Park is another of Tanzania's endemic hotspots, a refuge for numerous birds and primates found only on foot, within the lush and verdant montane forest that cloak the slopes.